A multifaceted management tool tailored to large enterprise sugarcane estates. Designed for multiple users across multiple departments. Includes webbased reporting at the estate and enterprise level.

A comprehensive agricultural management tool for South African sugarcane farmers. Extensive management from fleet to payroll.

A cloud-based irrigation scheduling application available on any device connected to the Internet.

A vehicle scheduling and calling system for large sugarcane estates and factories.

Irrigation Management

Provides day-to-day management of irrigation operations, and the scheduling of future irrigation events based on proven scientific modelling.

Centralised Agronomic Database

A single database of all field and agronomic data ensures that decisions are based on the same information across all operations.

Resource Utilisation & Planning

Control all resource utilisation on a sugar estate. Generate a resource budget for a season, aggregated from resources required to perform a series of tasks on each field.

Harvest Planning & Logistics

Manage cane supply to satisfy mill demand, while simultaneously optimising yields through effective planning of harvesting logistics and the yield estimating process.

Yield Estimation

Utilise growth models and historical data to improve yield estimates and benchmark field performance.

Spatial Reporting

Powerful spatial and graphical web-based dashboard and mobile reporting providing both online and offline high-level oversight.