A vehicle scheduling and calling system for large sugarcane estates and factories.

Have a look at some of the features below:


    Information is made available widely and can be conveniently accessed via the web- and mobile applications. This enables key stakeholders to make well-informed decisions based on real-time data. Login credentials are required to access the system, while user roles define user access levels, ensuring that each user only has access to information that is relevant to his or her work.


    This module defines two primary objectives: servicing growers rateably and equitably, and to maintain an uninterrupted supply of sugarcane to the factory. All collected information feeds into the module in real-time, allowing it to arrive at the most appropriate scheduling solution, which is continually recalculated.

     The automated vehicle scheduling module provides the following outputs:

    • The suggested next best field or loading zone to collect harvested cane from for any vehicle departing the weighbridge, taking into consideration both supply and demand requirements
    • The order in which vehicles in the queue should be called into the mill, taking into consideration daily rateable deliveries as well as custom, mill-specific rules
    • A suggested mill crush rate, in tons per hour, to avoid a potential factory stoppage due to a short-term insufficient cane supply

    The comprehensive website provides functionality for creating and maintaining database records, while the mobile application can be used to capture data such as cane stocks on the move. Real-time tracking data of the fleet is sourced directly from vehicle tracking service providers. The tracking data is made available in graphical map and trip views on the website, and is also utilised in CL’s automated vehicle scheduling and calling modules. The system captures data from inbound and outbound weighbridge scales, allowing associated payload weights to be recorded, and providing valuable outputs on delivery performance for individuals as well as the entire supply chain.


    Users can utilise the dashboard, map, scheduler and cane supply views through the web application. The CL system also offers pre-defined and parameterised reports, which can be printed directly from the web application, or saved in a variety of popular file formats. Limited versions of the web views are also available on the mobile application.